COMAT Superfiltration Systems

The COMAT Superfiltration Systems provide by far the most efficient solutions to manage the reliable removal of abrasive waste in cutting oils inherent to tooling-machines operation.

COMAT Superfiltration Systems COMAT Superfiltration Systems

The unique know-how we have developed in this area is based on the sound analysis of our customers’ most demanding specifications. The COMAT Superfiltration Sytems have been designed and are manufactured to the most exacting standards. We guarantee a ≤ 3 μm filtration performance for the filters’ entire life-cycle.

The resulting lower production costs and vastly improved quality levels are clear indications that we always keep your bottom-line in mind.

COMAT Superfiltration Systems

A suitable solution for

The COMAT Superfiltration Systems boost the recovery and recycling endeavors of micro-particles such as carbide and other precious materials.

The COMAT Systems are fine-tuned to each client’s particular demands. We ensure the best possible filtration efficiency for every specific set-up.

Our solutions focus on the finishing and super-finishing of mechanical elements set by strict tolerance levels for smooth surface and edge contours.

These systems are exceptionnally well adapted for grinding, lapping and polishing operations.

The COMAT superfiltration units guarantee that oils are clear of all pollutants, they retain microscopic particles in excess of ≤ 3 microns. Filtration capacity ranges from 60 l./min. for individual applications to over 1,600 l/min. in a centralized application.

Superfiltration in the field of automatic lathe units

The technology of Superfiltration addresses the removal in automatic lathe units of high particle concentration of oils which occur during centrifugation of chips or periodically when cleaning the machine storage tanks. These can be reused and upcycled, an additional cost and environmental benefit. They are also used in high pressure forging and tapping processes.

The COMAT filter aid technology (fossil, vegetal or cellulose based) offers an unmatched cost to filtration level ratio. This is especially true when compared to traditional filtration systems such as centrifugation, unwinding filter papers, etc., which offer a much lower filtration performance.

Key points to keep in mind

  • Low level maintenance schedule and standardization of machine tooled parts to your exacting specifications. 
  • Reduced wear-and-tear on grinding gear and machinery effectively lowering the need for disruptive tool resharpening interruptions.
  • Economics of scale of lubricants positively impacts the environmental footprint.
  • Minimal interference with existing plant lay-out with option to centralize the filtration systems. 
  • Upgrade of recovered microparticles such as carbide and precious metals.


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