SASOO Ambient Air Filter

Extraction and filtration of viruses, bacteria, pollen and germs.

SASOO Ambient Air Filter SASOO Ambient Air Filter

The SASOO filter device are designed for daily use and in a wide variety of places, such as open-plan offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, etc.

Airborne substances, viruses and other fine particles in the nanoscale range are filtered out of the air with a separation efficiency of 99.995 % and the activated charcoal filter also removes odours. The integrated CO2 sensor alerts you should additional ventilation be required.

Sasoo demonstrably reduces the particle load in rooms up to 100 m² in a matter of minutes.

Key Benefits of SASOO

  • Hepa Filter H14
  • Active charcoal filter for efficient odor cancellation
  • Low noise level
  • Space saving design
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Filter robustness ensures minimal maintenance and exceptional durability


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