ALSIDENT SYSTEM Extraction arms

The ALSIDENT® self-supporting extraction arms are designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. They provide optimal extraction of pollutants at the point of origin.

ALSIDENT SYSTEM Extraction arms ALSIDENT SYSTEM Extraction arms

Our wide choice of extraction arms, SYSTEM 50, SYSTEM 63, SYSTEM 75, SYSTEM 100 as well as the work cabinets SYSTEM 25, offers specific solutions to your particular needs.

The ALSIDENT® SYSTEM extraction arms filter pollutants including chemical vapors, gas, smoke, micro-particles.

Why should filtration be carried out at the point of origin?

Good ventilation of work is essential to protect the health of all employees and boost their well-being and productivity.

The technique of filtering out pollutants near their point of origin prevents their spread to employees’ respiratory tracts as well as the entire work surroundings. It eliminates the pollutants at the source.

Investments made to keep the air clean on the work permises pay off in more ways. Employees who work in a healthy and clean atmosphere perform better and more efficiently.

Ceiling mounted arm

Table mounted arm


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