Filtration Solutions

ELBARON, your specialist in extraction and filtration technology of airborne pollutants and the removal of noxious particles in fluids.


Does your operation generate dust, oil mist, fumes, odor, or any other type of pollutant? Is your cutting oil contaminated with particles? We provide a sensible solution adapted to your specific needs.

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  • Electrostatic Air Purifiers
  • Mechanical Air Purifiers
  • ALSIDENT SYSTEM Extraction arms
  • ULT Extraction and Filtration Solutions
  • COMAT Superfiltration Systems
  • RUWAC industrial vacuum cleaners
  • SASOO Ambient Air Filter


Let us present the most appropriate extraction and filtration response for any type of pollutants.

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  • 3+ million

    ELBARON has sold, installed and is servicing over 3 million filtration units around the world, many well known global corporations are part of their roster.

  • 3000

    ELBARON enjoys a loyal following of over 3,000 customers in Switzerland and around the world.

  • 40+

    ELBARON proudly relies on its over 40 years of filtration technology expertise and constantly thrives to develop and incorporate the latest technologies.

  • Worldwide Presence

    Our worldwide network of over 15 partners ensures swift and dependable servicing at all times.