Electrostatic Air Purifiers

Suction and filtration of oil mist with electrostatic air cleaner ELBARON®

Electrostatic Air Purifiers Electrostatic Air Purifiers

ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers provide unequaled performance in removing oil mist, fumes and emulsion mists produced by most types of tooling-machines.

They provide near-constant low pressure in machinery working parts. All filtering elements of these devices can be washed and re-used eliminating the need for replacements.

Electrostatic Air Purifiers

A suitable solution for

The range of products is used with tooling-machines, turning, a wide range of mechanical devices, in the car- and watch-making industries. Its applications keep expanding into new fields.

A large choice of horizontal and vertical models as well as a wide range of accessories provide suitable solutions for every type of machinery.

All models within this range are available with one or two electrostatic filters depending on the oil mist and fume density.

ISI-TRONIC – Digital device control

All our devices integrate the new ISI-TRONIC device control, which completely redefines air purification. For the first time it is possible to display all relevant working parameters live, such as the soiling levels of the different filters, air flow volume and pressure differential in the filter devices. Additionally, you can set the values for air volume or the control reserve yourself (depending on  options selected).

You can at all times adjust air flow and  to your specific needs on site or using the digital interface. And this applies as well to modifications that may be required to fine-tune your production processes.

EC-Motor Technology

All our devices are equipped with an EC-Motor.

The new EC motors have considerable advantages over conventional AC motors and provide energy savings of up to 57%.

Key Benefits

  • Low energy consumption and operating costs
  • Improved robustness and reliability
  • Lower noise levels compared to AC motors

Fan-Less electrostatic unit RON/OG

The RON/OG fan-less model from the ELBARON® range of electrostatic units are installed upstream of the main fan or incorporated into the ducts in order to protect systems such as air conditioning units, heat exchange units and mono-blocks…

These electrostatic units can filter out over 99% of aerosols, allowing air to be totally or partially treated inside the workshop, thus reducing heat loss and its associated costs.

Airflow, depending on model, varies between 5,000 and 25,000 m3/h.

A reliable and highly efficient operating principle

All particles > 0.01 microns, whether liquid or solid, are given an electrostatic charge in ionizer A. They are then separated from the airflow by plates of the opposite charge in collection zone B.

The only units that effectively protect health are those capable of removing <1 micron particles. These are pervasive in mists and fumes and pose a particularly noxious threat to the respiratory system.

ELBARON® electrostatic air purifiers remove almost 100% of particles.

Implementation Examples


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